Hands on Learning- How Computers Work for Kids
"I do and I understand" 

On The Road to Code - Learn About The Digital World.  

"Kids are fantastic at gaming, but when it came down to using ICT equipment there is a knowledge gap - and parents struggled too."
-Kenneth Dennedy, Principal of Scoil
 Íosa, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.-
JAGGO Education aims to fill this knowledge gap with the introduction of Road to Code from Haba Pro, Germany - Based on the principle of 'learning by doing' the unplugged resources teach through play how a computer works and the basic principles of computational thinking. 
  • Learning by doing kids learn how to read code, understand algorithms, and how to write computer code. 
What is 'code'? Computer code  is the hidden language behind all things digital. Code lets us speak to computers, and more importantly, lets us tell computers what to do.

On the Road to Code, with unplugged resources and away from the screen, we introduce kids to an exciting digital world that enables them to become digital creators and not only digital consumers.

Through play and having fun they learn the fundamental skills needed to understand digital media and express their own creativity. 

The educational games also provide a clear link to 'plugged' screen activities' through -
  • Fundamental understanding of digital technology
  • Basic coding
  • Transferring digital code into real structures
  • An explanation of technical terms

Teachers and Parents- You don't have to be a tech wizard - Even if you've never coded before t
hese unplugged resources start you on your digital journey into the digital world that  teachers and parents can easily teach and children can easily understand.

Help along the way from Pixi and Cody 

Computational thinking
Playful solutions of complex situations

Coding helps children develop computational thinking, which is the ability to solve problems using a logical and systematic approach. Computational thinking can be applied to any subject or situation not just coding and teaches childrten to use their imagination to break down complex challenges into manageable steps.

Computational Thinking