About us

'In the year gone by screens have been a saving grace for many of us. In a digital age they have allowed us to remain in contact with our loved ones, enabled us to work from home and allowed children to continue learning in school or preschool'

Digital Education and online learning for kids is very much in the news in recent times. People often say that while they are using computers and laptops, they are not sure how they work. 

JAGGO Education aims to fill this knowledge gap at a fundamental level with the introduction of Road To Code Resources. These hands-on resources explain in a meaningful way how computers work. The Rode to Code is fun and teaches kids the skills that will be useful in a digital world and beyond.

Who are we ?

JAGGO Ltd, Est. 1999 in Carlow, provides the education, library service and healthcare sector with flexible, high quality, educational furniture and learning resources.

The holistic development of children aged between 0-8 years of age is the primary objective of JAGGO Education.

Early Education Care Centres and Schools in Ireland will be familiar with our resources ( incl. JAGGO Blocks) that support the Aistear framework,  STEM and Arts. 

Our environmentally friendly and sustainable products are the result of ongoing cooperation between European manufactures, (Made in Germany)  designers,  and experts from the fields of education and science.

We are delighted to be the exclusive Irish partner for HABA Education Germany.

These unique learning resources  support teachers  and educators to find inspiration and materials for their teaching tasks and learning concepts. They contain play and work materials that foster the senses. The resources include creative material and a wide range of products for indoors and outdoors- whether in preschool, primary schools, the home and all centres of learning.

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