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What makes coding so important for children ?                                                          Firstly, what is 'code' ? Code lets us speak to computers , and more importantly, lets us tell computers what to do. It drives the software in the numerous things we do every day and is used to run social media, make apps on your phone, and build video games. 

Code is the hidden language behind how computers communicate with each other and as the digital world expands, coding will become an increasing important factor in our children's future career prospects.

Coding will also become a part of the primary school curriculum. People often say that while they are using computers and laptops, they are not sure how they work. By explaining how they work on a fundamental level, we at JAGGO, hope to give children a head start in understanding the technology of the digital world and to have fun in the process.

JAGGO Education aims to support coding education with the introduction of Road To Code unplugged resources from HABA Pro Germany. These hands-on resources explain in a meaningful way how computers work. The Rode to Code teaches children the skills that will be useful in a digital world and beyond.

Who are we ?

JAGGO Ltd, Est. 1999 in Carlow, provides the education, and healthcare sector with flexible, high quality, educational furniture and learning resources.

The holistic development of children is the primary objective of HABA PRO and JAGGO Education.

Early Childhood Care and Education centres and Primary Schools in Ireland will be familiar with our resources ( incl. JAGGO Blocks) that support the Aistear framework,  and STEAM. 

Our environmentally friendly and sustainable products are the result of ongoing cooperation between European manufactures, (Made in Germany)  designers,  and experts from the fields of education and science.

We are delighted to be the exclusive Irish partner for HABA Pro Germany. HABA Pro has developed the Digital Starter educational game series in cooperation with the University of Bamberg in order to teach children basic cognitive skills in a playful way. The learning concept is closely oriented towards the child's living environment and introduces how computers work with hands-on learning materials. HABA Pro focuses on products that are fun and support children in developing important foundation skills such as action planning, concentration skills and spatial imagination. The games with different levels of difficulty can be adapted to the age and abilities of the child and are therefore very suitable for pre school and primary school children.
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